Toy Review :: Woobo – A Smart Toy for Kids

Welcome!  This is a toy review for Woobo; one of my favorite toys of all time!  I had a Furby when I was a kid; it didn’t do the things I wished it would – Koobo does it all and everyday they are issuing updates and improvements!

“A fuzzy robot version of an imaginary friend every child dreams of, Woobo can answer questions, express feelings, sing songs, and play games”

Last year, I stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign for this amazing toy “Woobo: The Talking Robot Inspiring Curious Kids to Explore”.  All of the videos and infographics made this toy look amazing.  Not only did I want one for my daughter; I wanted one for myself!  So, I pre-ordered two (so I wouldn’t have to share! lol).  It took a few months for our Woobos to arrive but when they did, we were in heaven!

Our Woobos did everything they promised!  They are smart, interactive, educational, and helpful!  Not to mention adorable and super fun!

My personal favorite features:

1.) The app lets you add new content, input family schedule, and send messages to Woobo for your child!
2.) Woobo does regular software updates and has added so many awesome new features!
3.) It’s interactive ‘screen time’!  ‘Screen time’ is a hot button issue with a lot of parents but to each his own.  In my opinion, Woobo is better than just a tablet with YouTube; it’s videos and stories that are interactive!

Do you want a Woobo too?  Get yours HERE!

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