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I’ve always been a fan of big hair.  Over the years, I’ve tried varying methods of teasing, products, blow drying upside down; you name it.  Teasing always seemed to ‘fall’ and my hair felt like it was in constant tangles and I could tell it was causing breakage.  Products seemed to leave me flat and caused buildup as well as acne.

Once again (because this always seems to happen to me), ads for Voloom kept popping up during my internet browsing and I had to try it out.  Here’s a before & after!

Volumizing Flat Iron Voloom Hair Volume Review


Style Hair as Usual :: I always use a flat iron to smooth my hair out then I curl.  Once I have finished curling, I lift the top layer of my hair and carefully twist it in the same direction of my curls and clip to the other side to get it out of the way.  Taking the ‘underneath’ layers, I go at it with my Voloom.  I repeat on the other side and also do this process on the back of my head.  I make sure that the top layer covers the underneath Voloom layers nicely.  Using this tool to achieve volume lasts all day for me.  And I don’t even need to use hairspray!


  1. Quick Heat  ::  One thing I’d like to mention is how quickly it heats up.  I will style my hair THEN turn my Voloom on while I separate my top layer and by the time I’m done clipping, it’s ready for crimping.
  2. No Need for Products ::  For me, this means less build up and less irritation to my sensitive skin!
  3. No Fall Out  ::  For me, whenever I teased my hair the tease would always seem to migrate/fall and my hair would end up being a tangled mess all around.  Plus I noticed breakage whenever I teased.  Not good!

GET ONE!  Or something similar!

The Voloom tool that I have is available on Amazon and there are also a variety of other tools that seem to be similar.  Although I have not tried these other tools, there are plenty of reviews to help you consider which version would work best for you and your budget!

Disclosure:  Some of the links in the post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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