What Makes A Great Feature Wall?

Feel like you got a wall on the boring side that could use a little life? Rather than just sprucing it up with a new lick of paint, how about turning it into a focal point for the whole room? Here, we’re going to look at a few methods of creating a feature wall, and what each of them can do for the room that the wall is in.

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Show Your Artistic Side

If you want to show that you can be creative, can be evocative, and can get people thinking, then what better way than to turn your wall into an art gallery? Choosing wall art isn’t always easy, however, as the context of the art in the room around it matters a lot. A contemporary, even abstract piece is a lot more at home in a room that feels modern and minimalist rather than a room that screams “cottagecore.”

Get Practical With It

You don’t have to necessarily offer your walls to the altar of aesthetics. A feature wall can also play a very practical role in the home. One example is making great use of mirrors on a wall facing the source of natural light. It can help to bounce the light around the room, making it feel both brighter and more spacious. Of course, there are plenty of stylish mirrors to choose from so it can still very much be an aesthetic win for the room.

Make it Your Zen Den

As a focal point, a feature wall should be great at stealing your attention, but what should it be diverting that towards? To some people, it’s the opportunity to create a view that inspires relaxation and to help you zen out. Kinetic wood sculptures are a great example of a way to do this. A mounted sculpture on the wall that moves and shows different patterns slowly, over time, can be just what you need to create a space that feels more considered and more relaxing, creating a positive mental health space.

Make it Feel Alive

Why not bring some vibrancy and vitality to the home by going a little more green with your walls? Though it will certainly take some effort to maintain, a vertical garden, even indoors, can help to add a lot of life to your room. The easiest way to do it is to add some shelves for houseplants, providing they can get the light that they need. However, if you’re feeling a little extra, you can go as far as creating a green wall inside the home. Whatever you do, plant life has the appeal of making a room feel much more relaxing.

With the tips above, you should hopefully have some ideas about how you can go about creating a feature wall. There are plenty of other options, of course, from incorporating hobbies like putting records on the wall to using cladding to offer it some texture and depth. There are no wrong answers, so long as you choose what best fits the room.

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